Web Development Exam Part 2 Test Case 1

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Hey there,

If you remove ./ after the href=" on your first line of code that worked for me.

I am currently working on the same test, but stuck on the third test case 'Within the second header element, there is a level two heading that prefaces the menu items and their prices.

I have added both the classes “container” and “menu-container” to the main element but it still doesn’t seem to approve it.

This is my code for that section:

      <h2 id="menu-header">Menu</h2>

Any idea where I’m going wrong?

Thank you

Hey thanks for the response. Still doesn’t seem to work on my code.

With regards to your query, you are correct on that line specifically. But it also checks for
<main class="menu-container">
just before the header section.

My problem might be similar to yours where I am missing something elsewhere.

Okay, figured it out.

There’s no issue with the code, it was an issue with the browser…

I was using Google Chrome and could not get it to mark off correctly no matter what. Switched to Firefox with the same exact code and it passed me.

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Thanks for sharing this! I had the same issue until I switched to Firefox after reading your suggestion.

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I have the exact same issue. The code works and the CSS is displayed, but the website doesn’t acknowledge that. I also tried the Firefox browser and it didn’t work.

Me too, code is correct obviously the CSS wouldn’t be working, I have tried every browser I have , edge chrome and Firefox.

someone help ?