Web Development Differences

Hey Guys, I am new here, so cut me some slack.

I finished the HTML course, and am looking forward to progress in the Web Development courses. I am a free member for now. I saw that we can learn things like CSS, Javascript and the like, but I also saw the course “Make a website”. Can somebody please tell me the difference between finishing the CSS, Javascript and the other courses, or should I learn the “make a website” one.

Thank you for understanding,

Aaditya Shyam

make a website adds a little bootstrap and you get a free domain name. also the final project is setting up a personal portfolio.

So, do you need to learn the CSS course

The “Make a Website” course will give you a basic grounding in each of the components - HTML, CSS etc - to put together a basic site.

The individual courses, such as “Learn CSS”, will go into more detail and provide more information about the topic. :slight_smile: