Web development course

hello if anyone can help me I am currently doing the web development course and I understood everything and everything was fine until I started doing the intermediate javascript practice and didn’t understand anything and i started doing the recreating the lodash library and still no luck. If anyone could help me that would be really great!

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Hey there Farhaan, welcome to the forums.

So I guess you’re struggling with the transition to programming? HTML and CSS are quite different to what you’ll be doing with JavaScript from now on.

Your best bet is simply to take it slow. Don’t try to rush it, take your time with every bit of new information, and do not hesitate to look things up outside of Codecademy to help you along the way.

The MDN docs are a great resource to help you with that.

Is JavaScript challenging? Yep, it is. Programming, in general, can be challenging when getting started. Have I seen many people over the years saying it was difficult for them at first? Absolutely. The key is to go slow and really try to digest all the information that’s thrown at you.

For every lesson that you don’t seem to fully understand, bits of code, etc., feel free to ask for help on here. We cannot simply help you “get it”, that’s really up to you, but if you try to complete the exercises yourself and then ask for help by showing us pieces of code, there are people on here that will be able to guide you and explain why certain things work a certain way, etc.

So keep at it, and best of luck to you, you got this!