Web Development Career Path == Worth it? || Web Development Career Path != Worth it?

To those who’ve completed the web development career path, would you say you’ve learned quite a bit or no?

I recently completed the Web Development career path, and I thought it was a very well-done and comprehensive set of courses. I had some familiarity and experience with parts of it prior to the course, but the path helps put it all together.

From the basics of HTML and CSS, to JavaScript and React, front-end, back-end API, multiple database systems, even touching on source control, the command line, publishing, and more, it was all covered. Along the way there were good projects to build your skills and encourage you to dive deeper in some areas.

How much you ultimately get out of it will probably depend on what you do with the knowledge as you progress. For example, after they went over the use of Git and GitHub for source control, using it for all the projects after that just to help reinforce the knowledge.

One of the most important things from the career path for me was getting more comfortable with full stack development and other technologies involved. I feel that I’ve gained the skills to be able to dive deeper into each of the subjects and take it to the next level.

TLDR: It was worth it to me.


I did the path to learn JS, as it was a language I didn’t really understand (and so couldn’t help out with questions about it here).

It did that quite effectively.

welcome @core1665095174, well worth it, on pro, would be very confusing without the added material, help (videos), etc.

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