Web Development Career Path vs Skill Path

Can someone tell me the difference between the Web development skill path, https://www.codecademy.com/learn/paths/web-development and the web development career path that is readily available on the website.

Also how come I can’t find the Skill Path of the same on the Code Academy website, but I can on google. Quite odd.

Hey and welcome to the forums! :wave:

The web development skill path is pretty comprehensive and goes into HTML, CSS, JS, React and SQL with the end goal of being able to create a decently complex site at the end of it.

In terms of the career paths (which are all longer and more in depth than just a skill path), there’s three, would you mind clarifying which one specifically you are looking into?

  1. The Front-End career path covers everything the user sees and interacts with on the website.
  2. The Back-End career path covers the stuff that the user doesn’t directly see, for example databases or servers.
  3. The Full-Stack career path covers both the front- and back-end as well as how to connect them together.

In general I would suggest taking a career path as they are a lot more in depth and cover a lot more content than a skill path as well as having more of a focus on getting a job, albeit at the expense of taking longer to complete.

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