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I just started my career path for front-end engineer but I’m not new to this.

I was just wondering how (why) is possible that Codeacademy didn’t include any CSS library such as Bootstrap or similar.


Probably because it would bloat the career path and require ages to finish if all possible frameworks would have been included, which would have been disheartening to many. You find a separate Bootstrap course here:


Thank you so much for answering my question.

I just thought that, after finishing the career path you should be able to get a job (or that was the goal), and nowadays every company ask you for a framework.

I know about it because I’m not new on WD, but a new developer wouldn’t be elbow this and would go on into trying to get a job just to find out that almost every company ask you for a CSS framework.

That said, I understand your point

Yes, that’s right, but you cannot expect to be jobready just by finishing the career path anyway. It’s a great way to start from, but you need to invest a lot of additional time doing exercises, solving problems, debugging and reading documentations. Knowing Bootstrap is all about reading the – in case of Bootstrap – excellent docs. From my experience, not every css Framework that is used in a company needs to be known in advance. As a Frontend developer, you should master HTML, CSS, SCSS (or LESS), Javascript (better Typescript) and a Javascript Framework/Library like React, Vue, etc. Then an employer can have confidence that you’re able to read and apply the docs for a CSS Framework like Bootstrap, MUI or Tailwind quickly.

Excellent answer. Thank you!

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