Web developing programs

Hello guys,

I’m learning how to create a website from the lesson on CodeAcademy,

Anyway, everything is cool and I’m learning slowly, but I’d like to ask what kind of software programs I could use to combine Html with CSS? I know about domain and host, I just need to know what kind of programs I can download to create my own website.


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You can type out your code in notepad or any simple editor you can download like: Sublime, brackets, notepad++

You type out your code and save the file as yourfile.html so the file extension for HTML is .html and the extention for CSS is .css
You will need to use link tags to link the two files together so that they run together

Here’s an article on text editors that codecademy has :slight_smile:


Other people have asked in the past, so I’ll just repost here anyway:
The file name extensions for different the main web programming languages are as follows:
.js - Javascript
.py - Python
.rb - Ruby
.php - Webpage including php code in it. (with <?php ....... ?> somewhere in it)