Web Dev vs Data Science paths

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I am seeking advice regarding my current direction and whether I am studying the most-suited languages. Currently I am 28% through the Web Dev pathway and am starting to question whether the Data Science pathway would be more appropriate for me?
I am interested in creating applications, programs, software. E.g. Being able to participate in an open-source Git projects, maybe eventually being involved with assistive software for disabled people.

Initially the Web Dev path seemed like a good idea because I was already enrolled on the ‘Introduction to Javascript course’ (before getting a Pro account) - also the Data Science path seemed daunting as I do not have an academic/scientific background or know anything about data analysis. The pathways are appealing to me because the teaching is done within a context and with real-life applications.

Python seems to have a reputation as a good, effective, programming language to learn, which perhaps is more appropriate for me. On the other hand I am aware that the skills from the Web Dev pathway could be potentially be transferred to programming if I was to use Electron.

Or perhaps I should just be patient and move onto Python after completing the Web Dev pathway?

Any feedback, signposting, guidance is very welcome.

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Hello @tag4711444728, unless you had any direct hurry to get to the DS path (i.e. a job interview next month, or the like), I would finish the web development path, as it will teach you valuable skills, and if you go into assistive tech/creating applications, you might need to know a bit of web dev. Completely up to you, but personally, I would finish the web dev course, then do DS.
Happy coding!


Hi @codeneutrino

I really appreciate your response, thank you. I am not in a rush at all, so I will finish the Web Dev path first.


Thank you @codeneutrin for you response to that question. I need a lit help along that line too. I have no background in CS.

I was thinking of starting of with the Computer science path to understand Data structures and algorithms which are fundamentals in any job interview and coding practice. Then move over to Web development before Data science.

What’s your take on this? Is it possible to become competent in all if one dedicates 4 months to it?

Hello @fejiroakiri, welcome to the forums! Personally, I think if you wanted to fully get a grasp on all of those concepts, it might take longer than 4 months (although I don’t know how good you are at learning; if you’re really good, you might be able to squeeze it into 4 months). If you wanted to take the CS course to get started, I think that’s a good idea, as it introduces you to key concepts (I think; from what I’ve read, at any rate), and teaches Python, which will get used in the data science path. If you wanted to take the DS path, then absolutely; from what I’ve read, it provides a good introduction to DS, and delves into more as well. If you want WD, then sure, do it, but you might find yourself doing two fairly different topics, but if you’re interested, then there’s little reason not to!
I hope this helps!

Thank you @codeneutrino it helped big time. I will extend the timeline most certainly.

Care I ask do you have a particular ritual or habit you put in place that helps you gain these concepts practically. Simply put, what would you suggest one does as he learns to come fully job ready. Even for platforms like Toptal?:slightly_smiling_face:

Would like your thoughts on this. Thank you.

Hello @fejiroakiri. I cannot directly say how to become job ready (as I I only code as a hobby), however I do have some habits/rituals. Personally, every time I learn a new skill, I like to at least think of ways it can be utilised in the real world. So when I learnt loops, for example, I though: “now how does this help me? Ah. I can now iterate through objects and then do things to each one. Nice” (I’m not sure if you’ve covered loops or not).

I also see if I can make a mini project which uses that skill. Take the loops example. I might say, “Right. I want to create a ‘supermarket’. This will be a list. I will then building in the ability for the user to continue to buy products until they wish to leave (using a while loop).”

From what I’ve heard, to become ‘job ready’, you need to build a portfolio of all of your coding creations, from mini projects, to large week-long ones.

I hope this helps!

Rightly said @codeneutrino build your portfolio via projects. Thank you so much. Thats learning actively too. Really appreciate it. Started the CS. Journey begun. Care i ask are you aware of BCS- The Chartered Institute for IT?

Hello @fejiroakiri, I’m glad I could help!

No, I’m not aware of it; what is it?

Well it’s a certified institute where you take exams and grow your career professionally in IT. Pretty good for those who do not have a CS background and might want to do a master’s in IT. You do a couple of exams to get certified. Paid exams and pretty complex projects.

You can check it out though on bcs.org. Also Adrian care sharing your LinkedIn profile? Would love to connect via that platform if you don’t mind. Thanks :blush:

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Hello! Unfortunately I don’t have LinkedIn, as I haven’t the need for it at the moment. Thank you very much for the link, I’ll look into it straight away!

It’s my pleasure :blush: @codeneutrino.

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