Web Dev Path Vs individually doing HTML, JS, CSS, GIT + others

So I have been doing the codecademy JS course and have finished, I’ve also just finished the HTML course. Next was CSS, make a website, deploy a website, GIT, SQL - plus maybe a few others (I have pro but it is paused while I complete the non-pro courses (I have some okay base knowledge already)).

So I am in a little rush to get a web app up and running. I want to start by the end of Jan - deploying etc., and have until mid march to get a base up and running for use (between me and a few friends). So time is somewhat of the essence. I wondering if it is worth doing these courses individually or unpausing my pro and doing the one course - despite having done JS and HTML (can you skip sections on a pro course???).

Anyone having done these courses would be of great help. Have you done the pro path? Can you use these skills to make web-apps? Or have you done the individual courses? Time well spent?

Any help would be great. I’m doing maybe 25 hours a week currently, and would really appreciate some help. Many thanks!


Hello, and welcome to Codecademy!

The free courses will give you basics you need, so learn them first. Next, take a Pro course to increase what you have learned here.

One question for me to better help you:
What is the app going to be?