Web Dev Career Path vs. Skill Path vs. Courses

So, I am planning on learning some web development as my introduction to coding (as I have an idea for a website). So, I was wondering what was the best option for learning Web Development. Would it be the Career Path, Skill Path, or taking a bunch of the courses that Codecademy offers (like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, “Making a Website”, “Deploying a Website”, etc.

Thanks for your help!

Hi there.

Both the career path and the skill path pull together lessons from numerous courses on Codecademy to provide a more rounded, guided learning experience focussed on your chosen topic.

The main difference in the web development career path compared to the “Learn How to Build Websites” skill path, aside from being about twice as long, is that the Web Dev path covers every aspect of what’s referred to as “full stack” development.

“Learn How to Build Websites” will teach you how to create a responsive website using HTML and CSS; the Web Development Career Path covers HTML and CSS as well, but also brings in JavaScript, Git, front-end frameworks like React, back-end frameworks like Express, and also some SQL so you can persistently store data.

If you really can’t decide, you could take the “Learn How to Build Websites” skill path first, and test the waters with some HTML and CSS. If you find you’re understanding that well, the lessons you’ve completed during that path will - largely - carry over to the Web Development Career Path, so you’re just “filling in the gaps” so to speak by introducing JavaScript and the other stuff.

Does that help any? :slight_smile:

Yes it does. Thank you so much!!!

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No problem. :slight_smile: