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Good Morning,

Not sure if this is posted in the correct location, however:

I am going to attempt now to create my own very basic website using only html and css I have learnt so far. I will still need the cheat sheets but think I am now in a position to create something basic using them.

However, to make it simple and easy to follow, i want to do it properly. By this I mean, to design it on paper and/or using frameworks (think that is the term). I have not come across any of this yet and just learn the basics of HTML and CSS.

The QUESTION: Does anyone have any advice on free web design tools, frameworks, design advice etc. So i can get the design of my basic website done, and then just build it from the plans. Rather than making it up as I go along.

I hope this makes sense, any help appreciated.


Hi there,

You could sketch your designs using some tools, like

Then you could, or not, use a framework to simplify development.

You don’t need a framework for HTML, but for CSS it could come in handy

It’s really up to you as to which tools to use :wink:

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Excellent thank you for your help. I think I have misunderstood what a framework is, so I will have a deeper delve into it.

Many thanks