Web Browser Window Blank

I started the css-colors lesson. I was on Exercise 2, when I messed up and reset it. Ever since then the Web Browser window to the right of the screen remains blank. The top of the window reads “http://localhost:8000”, but nothing loads into the window. If I hit the back arrow on the browser window, the small “loading” circle constantly cycles. Nothing happens.

I can complete the lesson fine, but I am unable to see what I am doing with each adjustment in the script because the browser window remains blank.


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Also, the index.html tab is blank. Only style.css is functioning.

I am having the exact same issue in the exact same lesson. I have tried resetting the exercise to no avail.

I checked similar posts and the missing code from index.html had been privately messaged to users experiencing this issue. Maybe someone can do the same for us?

I ended up finishing the lesson without seeing what I was doing. Not the way I intended, but once I began the next lesson everything was back to normal.

I had the exact same issue happen to me. I’ve made an error but now I can’t see what’s wrong anywhere. :confused: Anyone…?

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