Web browser doesn't display movies

My code is working just fine, and I passed all of the steps, except the last step where it says Visit http://localhost:8000/movies in the browser. Click on a ‘Learn more’ to see a movie and its actors. And it displays this in the web browser:

Any advice on how to fix the problem is very much appreciated. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi @suttonjd19,

Look closely at the error message and the line it’s highlighted - can you spot the problem?

Hint (click to view)

Look at your loop’s variable, movie, versus what you’re calling movie_path() with.

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Ok, I fixed the problem with line #17. But now I am getting another error for line #14. Ugh!

@suttonjd19 Look at your loop. You have one variable, x (movie was better, but either works). So you can’t display the movie’s title with one variable and the link with another. Pick a variable you’re going to use, and stick with it inside your loop and don’t use anything else. Line’s 14-17 should all use either x or movie, not a mixup of the two.

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Ok, thanks. I changed the variable back to movie, and it worked. :relaxed:

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Ok. I have a quick question about the exercise directly after it. I have all of the steps 1-3 completed, but my progress from step 3 isn’t present anymore, as well as my progress in step four. Any suggestions besides resetting the files?

@suttonjd19 Are your changes not present, or is it just your progress that’s not showing up on step 3?

No, the code that I typed in step 3 to complete is gone. And so is the code I partially completed in step 4.

@suttonjd19 In that case, the only suggestion I can offer you is to re-enter your code, and make sure you’re saving each file after changing it - sorry your changes got lost :confused:

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It is quite alright. Thank you anyway. :slight_smile:

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