We should have a link of codecademy certificate

Once we get our certificate we should have a credential (a link),which we can use with our certificates .

One presumes that you want this so that you could add the course to Linked In, as discussed in the topic below:

The course completion certificates aren’t meant to be viewed in the same way as one might an AWS Developer certification, for example, because the Codecademy course - and ultimately your work throughout it - is not proctored nor rigorously examined. You can, throughout, simply ask for the solution and arrive at the same result.

Rather, they’re meant as proof that you have completed a course - so they’re more like a CPD* or training proof than a standardized “qualification” cert like you can obtain by passing an exam.

The certificate does have a QR code, which links back to your Codecademy profile, to allow anyone to whom you submit the certificate the ability to “validate” it… but that’s about as far as it goes. :slight_smile:


Profile>View Certificate>Add to LinkedIn Profile>Copy the Link