We need Lua

Why doesn’t it offer Lua? It’s used a lot in games such as roblox and many others.

Edit: I found a good series on youtube that goes over it.

Did you happen to do a search on the forums?


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Considering that we already have C++ and C#, the course poll would dictate that it would be added, but it’s not.

The search @lisalisaj is good idea, it will cover a variety of reasons why there is no LUA.

Like you said in your question: lot in games. Codecademy offers very little in regard to game programming. Sure, there is c++ and C#, but just the basics of these language. Nothing game specific

Which poll? When using sources, including sources would be really helpful :slight_smile:

The poll is an opportunity for learners to voice what they want. Dictate is such a strong word. The poll gives codecademy insight, codecademy can then still decide what to do with this insight/information

Are there no other good platforms to learn LUA? Codecademy is not some kind of holy grail/single source of truth.

What I meant was if you did a search here on the forums, there is already a post, or posts where you can add your vote to it.

Also, it seems that you’ve already posted about this 4 days ago and received some suggestions:


The suggestion you got from someone else mentioned Udemy. I just checked and the course is on sale there.

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