We do not need to define these?

In the Arrays in state section of React, I am quite confused about the definition of the keys, the section link is as below:
and the code is as followings:

import React, { useState } from "react";
import ItemList from "./ItemList";
import { produce, pantryItems } from "./storeItems";

export default function GroceryCart() {
  const [cart, setCart] = useState([]);

  const addItem = (item) => {
    setCart((prev) => {
      return [item, ...prev];

  const removeItem = (targetIndex) => {
    setCart((prev) => {
      return prev.filter((item, index) => index !== targetIndex);

  return (
      <h1>Grocery Cart</h1>
        {cart.map((item, index) => (
          <li onClick={() => removeItem(index)} key={index}>
      <ItemList items={produce} onItemClick={addItem} />
      <h2>Pantry Items</h2>
      <ItemList items={pantryItems} onItemClick={addItem} />

I am quite confused that we do not need to define that is ‘index’ or ‘target index’ or ‘item’ or ‘prev’? right?
we can use them directly?
so confused

all the variable you name here, are parameters.

When we declare a function (or method, but example is with functions):

const example = (param) => {

we can define parameter. Then we call the function:

example('hello world');

we provide argument(s) for the function. Given functions aren’t executed until called, parameters essentially act as placeholders

Understanding JavaScript, parameters and arguments, function definition and calls is vital. ReactJS adds a lot of abstraction/layers, you need to learn to see “through” these layers

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