Way to go for programming in react native

Hi! Im want to learn React Native to develop Apps (i have no interest in web development, in fact i have an android game done in AppyBuilder that i want to recode in RN); i wanna know if doing the ReactJs course has sense or really not at all to learn ReactNative, i dont understand at all if its mandatory to learn ReactJS before ReactNative or not and also is hte fact that in codeAcademy there is no React Native Course :-(.

Also I a have done the JS course up to the 9 lesson (classes)
Then class 10 Browser compatibility i will skip.
Are classes 11 (Modules) 12 (Promises) 13 Async-Await and 14 (Request) have something to do with React Native?. I explored them and they appear to be very related to web development.

I wanna know if it is worth to learn this 11-14 classes for RN or pass directly to ReactJS or another course. Not only for the time, also i dont wanna colapse my head with so many concepts that i am not going to use.

It depends on how much experience you have with programming and how determined you are.

I’d suggest taking all the JS courses and React courses first before moving to React Native. If you can grasp the component model and data flow in React you’ll be fine with React Native. I’m learning React Native now and am so thankful I have a decent grasp of vanilla JavaScript and React already.

I can remember learning Corona SDK and the Lua language about 7 years ago before having any programming experience. I was able to make an app but I was flying blind most of the time with programming concepts and just thinking like a programmer in general. I had determination to get through it but my troubleshooting skills were very limited and hence my app was very limited.

If you’re a seasoned programmer, then jump to React Native.

If you’re a relative beginner or intermediate student, get through at least basic JS courses plus you can go check out React Native courses at Udemy (some as cheap as $12) and they make sure to make the videos for various levels of students.

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