Was away for some months. What a shame

The world will never be the same.
It’s still here:

Hi Onbrokenwings,

I agree with you that I wasn’t super happy about Codecademy having Pro-only stuff at first, and the first question I asked about Pro was how they explained that Codecademy was both always going to be free, but also paid at the same time. They added it to the FAQ on the page for Pro, and you can see their answer here:

Q. Is Codecademy free?
Codecademy is committed to being the most accessible place on the internet to learn programming skills. For us, that means keeping our content free. With Codecademy Pro, you get access to extra resources and support in addition to our content, giving you the push you need to take your skills to the next level.
- https://www.codecademy.com/pro/offer

I think that’s reasonable. All of the course content is still free, but with Pro, you get extra quizzes, a live chat with someone who can help you called an Advisor, and a couple extra features. But the most important part, the courses, are still free.

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I can understand the need of a Pro, but putting all these links and banners directly into the course… I just can’t stand it :pensive:

@onbrokenwings Yeah, I haven’t been seeing them - maybe because I signed up for PRO as soon as I could :slight_smile:
You might be able to ask @alexcommunitymgr to modify how they advertise to you. Last I checked, they had different advertisement ‘plans’, so different people would see different advertisements, or different amounts. That might be changeable :slight_smile: