Warby Parker SQL Project

Hey there!

This is the link to my PowerPoint and SQL files for the Warby Parker Project.
If you have time to take a look and offer feedback or suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

Hi @erikas815, Welcome to the forums!

Having completed this capstone myself, I know there are a lot of requirements. From what I can tell, you’ve met all of them! :partying_face:

There’s a lot of information to convey and perhaps all of it doesn’t need to go on each slide b/c the eye doesn’t know where to focus. A former mentor of mine told me about one of my presentations: “Less is more.” This also comes back to knowing your audience and to whom you’re presenting. Maybe they’re not a very technical audience so they aren’t interested in your SQL queries but only the results (which you can have in bullet points and then elaborate on from your notes). You can always include SQL queries, python blurbs, code, etc in an Appendix.

For example, on slide 4, you don’t necessarily need the db schema or the box above it describing the columns of the table. On slide 6, you already have a table with the responses so you don’t really need the 4th table with the same numbers.
Also, I would move the “Actionable Insights” slides (16, 17) up, before the “Further Analysis” slides (13-15, move those down).
Great suggestions on the “Actionable Insights” slide too. For point 2. I would break up that para and have suggestions for Q3 and then another blurb for Q5.

Good work! :dancer:t2:

Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my project and offer constructive criticism and a number of detailed, helpful suggestions. I took most of your suggestions and made some quick fixes to my presentation. I’ve always struggled with organization and keeping my presentation slides simple and clear - guess I’m just proud and want to show off my data lol - but you’re right, keeping it simple, clear, and straight to the point could take my projects even further. Your suggestion of adding in an appendix section could be a game changer for me - let’s just hope I don’t abuse it haha. Excited to bring your advise to the projects I will be tackling in the future!

Sure! You’re welcome. :nerd_face:

I went back over my own presentation and re-organized my slides too! :slight_smile:
I mean, the requirements as that students “show their work”, so, we were right to show SQL queries, etc. (I had done this Capstone as part of a SQL Intensive that they don’t offer any longer). It can just get a bit cramped, is all when looking at a slide. (I tend to get bogged down in explaining everything about how I arrived at a conclusion). No biggie. Just something to remember for future presentations.
And, I’m the Appendix Queen. haha.