Warby Parker SQL Project

I am finishing up the Warby Parker project in the SQL portion of the Python Data Science path.

One question I had regarding the rubric. Under Criteria level 4, it states that all related SQL queries should be uploaded as separate .sql files.

Where should these be uploaded? Or should they simply be included as attachments on the Slides project (I’m using Google slides).

Or is it okay to include all SQL files as a supplemental github link?

My project is here if anyone would like to look it over. Feeback and constructive criticism is very welcome.

SQL queries are included in the survey_queries.sql file in the github link below.


Hey thanks for sharing.

It says I need access for the google docs file…

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Thank you for that reminder. I have updated the sharing settings. I think you’ll be able to see it now.


This is just my opinion, hope it helps:

I would say that you need to make your concise analysis of the data come more to the forefront in each section. The point would be that the person you’re giving this to doesn’t have that much time to go into the numbers.

When you present a clear idea first, if your client is interested they can further confirm it by looking into the numbers.

Furthermore, I would try to edit the text to be more concise and a little less technical: an example:

* 53.03% conversion rate for users who received 3 pairs to try on at home.
* 79.25% conversion rate for users who received 5 pairs to try on at home.

can be something like
Conversion rate Try-at-home users with 3 pairs: 50% vs 5 pairs: 80%

Obviously the editing options on this comment section are limited but notice how I’m trying to use formatting to guide my client to the ideas I want him/her to see. My idea is always to make it as easy as possible for the client to read the most important ideas (rather than information).

In general, I find less is more with these things in terms of text.

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Thank you for having a look and posting some feedback!

I have not done a lot of presentations, or used PowerPoint very often, in my professional life so this input is helpful. I’ll tweak it some over the course of the week.

But if the SQL queries are clean and functional, I’ll consider it a win lol.