Wants me to add the $(document).main.(ready) line again, but it's already there



The code seems to work fine. N and O work as expected, but I can't get rid of the error message
"Oops, try again. Add the line $(document).ready(main)"

var main = function() {
  $('.article').click(function() {


  $(document).keypress(function(event) {
    if(event.which === 111) {

    else if(event.which === 110) {
      var currentArticle = $('.current');
      var nextArticle = currentArticle.next();



The link above points to the second lesson, Program skeleton. It would seem you got a little ahead of the instructions. Empty the function body and leave only the skeleton.


LOL. Thanks, mtf. I never would have seen that. I really appreciate your help here.


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