Wanting to get the PRO version without a creditcard

Well, the title says it all.

I was very surprised to see that the Paypal requires a Creditcard also, what is the point of that service than…?

Is there an other way to pay the acces?

Thanks all!

When you log into Paypal, your credit card credentials are already saved to that account and you should be able to pay. They wouldn’t ask you again. Maybe @alyssavigil or another codecademy team member knows more about the paying process. :slight_smile:

If you’re still struggling, you can submit a request to Codecademy’s help team.


To answer your question in the title though, there is no way to get pro without a credit card. There are a couple exceptions, but if you’re a regular user, trying to get pro, you need a credit card.

(Also, follow what @anon2227889 said if you’re still having trouble)