Want to view course in Chinese

I’m using the CodeAcademy website for my classroom in the U.S. (using Windows 7) but I have a few students who are recent emigres from China.

  • I want them to be able to use the Chinese site (https://www.codecademy.com/zh/).
  • After they it only displays in English–even though at the top of the page it says “You are currently viewing the site in 中文. This may affect your progress. Click Here to return to English.” There are no other Chinese characters on the page.
  • This happens when they login using their Google Account.
  • This also happens when they sign up on the Chinese site using their own username/email.

Anybody know a fix for this?

Much of the user interface at Codecademy has been translated into other languages (e.g. your preferences page or the course catalog) but none of the course content (the curriculum) is available in languages other than English at this juncture. We do intend on offering more languages in the future, but this is a massive undertaking to not only make but continually update as our curriculum is often being tweaked or revised.

This isn’t a problem unique to Codecademy. Unfortunately, the simple fact of the matter is that in order to reach a high level of proficiency with coding one has to get somewhat comfortable with the English language, not least as developer documentation is in English.


I see. I’ll see what I can do to make do. Thanks for the quick reply!