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Portfolio Project from Front-End Developer Path

I’ve built a fully responsive multi-page personal portfolio tapping into several unique, interactive functionalities. A multi-destination image carousel (built with JavaScript) makes it seamless for individuals to scroll through my portfolio, linking directly to projects; while an enquiry form (built with HTML + PHP) makes it turnkey for lead submissions…all shipped directly to my email.

Link to my portfolio, GitHub repository, and posting in the Front-End Developer Path here!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Last week’s newsletter featured @scotthopkins56422277 and @meghanoffredo (thanks to both for posting above!), as well as @hahabtrthnu, whose project you can find here:

More to come in this week’s newsletter! Stay tuned :space_invader:

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Thank you so much for including me in the newsletter!

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Thank you for the feature, @lilybird ! :hugs:

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With my personal portfolio website, I show what I can make with HTML/CSS and also showcase my JS projects.

See the code here in my Github repository.

I created a “Would You Rather” minigame app using the Next.js meta-framework. That’s my very first Next.js project and I think it turned out well!


My final project in the Computer Science career path was the CS104 Portfolio Project, which is a MIPS ISA simulation in Python. The forum post can be found here, and the Github repo is here!

This was by far the toughest project in the Computer Science career path and if you’d told me a month ago that I would actually be able to complete this Portfolio Project I would not have believed you!

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So I’ve done this little react/redux portfolio project, still need some finishing touches, but i’m proud of myself with how i managed to pull this off.
Reddit app forum post
Reddit app code
Reddit app

Mealwise - My Django Capstone Project (Django Delights)

Hi there! A while back, I completed the Django course with its capstone project, Django Delights (I called it Mealwise). I did a “1.0” version of the app which satisfied the requirements of the course, but then kept working on it to integrate some other technologies I was interested in (htmx and hyperscript) to achieve some nice UI patterns, which is the version I finally decided to share. Hope this is worth a look!

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Here is my first website created using html and css in the Capstone Colmar Academy project. I really enjoyed it, even though it took me a while to get my head around flexbox. I’m proud of how far I’ve come in just a few weeks and would be great to be featured!

Forum Post Here

Please chek out my SQL Skill Path projects in data analysis and funnels, if you like it please added to the newsletter.

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Jose Luis Garcia Tucci

Please chek out my SQL Skill Path projects in Calculating Churn Rates, if you like it please added to the newsletter.

Best regards

Jose Luis Garcia Tucci

thanks for the info it was helpefule

Hello Coders

Below is a link to my Portfolio Project ‘Biodiversity in National Parks’ which completes Data Science Foundations.
Now on to ML!

I enjoyed this project so much. It was a real deep dive into North American Birds of Prey.
I’m planning on using some of the techniques I developed on the larger data set on Kaggle.

I’d be interested to hear feedback on issues that may arise and general scalability.

I really wish I’d created a ‘roadmap’ with key milestones on the project.
For example;

  • Issues and resolutions
  • Code that needed to be dumped/rewritten
  • Evolution of my ideas.

Something for next time!


Hi there!

Happy to invite you to check my Reddit Client project. Really wanted to make it feel nice and easy to use. Please share your feedback :green_heart:

Forum post:

Portfolio Project from Front-End Developer Path

I’ve built a fully responsive single-page personal portfolio website having interactive components. A number of posts (created using GitHub pages) enable individuals to browse my portfolio effortlessly, with direct links to projects. Additionally, a submission form (constructed with HTML and CSS) streamlines the process of submitting leads, sending them directly to my email.

Link to my portfolio Front-End Developer Path here !

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, I would be interested in having my project featured in the newsletter. I tried to apply a lot of what I learned on the data science ML career path and extended it some to include time series forecasting and a bit of tensorflow. Thanks for considering!


BMI Calculator Project

This took me a few days but man did i learn a lot and can’t wait to start a new one and implement what I’ve learnt.