Want to make Android App - which courses to take?

Could you please recommend me the courses I need to make an Android app?

The app needs to play audio files and manage personal accounts on which access to certain audio files is granted or restricted based on what they bought from me.

I’m already taking the intro to Java. Anything else that would enable me to make such an app?

android SDK (software development kit), a useful piece of software which helps a lot to develop android apps.

If you take our React course (best taken after learning HTML / CSS / JavaScript), you’ll be primed for learning React Native, with which you can build both iOS and Android apps. We built our mobile App with React Native. Most Android developer jobs likely wouldn’t use React Native, but it’s a very viable path if you are building this app for yourself.

Otherwise yep as Stetim said learn Java and learn the SDK and take it from there.

I would learn Java, But it depends on how knew you are. Like @oduffy said you should really start with HTML/CSS/JS.

i guess Android with python is good, for android app development course or you can learn flutter as well…