Want to make a responsive website - which languages should I learn?

Hello guys.

I am starting a Computer Science university course in October so I am looking for a fun website project during the summer to start getting into coding. All I know are C++ basics, but I did run a Wordpress website for quite a while which had a custom plugin made just for me with bootstrap so I did some googling and found my way around editing HTML and CSS.

The website I had in mind would feature around 150 names ( let’s say sneaker brands/models ), and it would allow visitors to vote each name up or down. Whenever someone voted a name up or down, they would also have to leave a comment of 20+ characters explaining their vote.

The website would contain these sneaker names split into rows, with each row containing the sneaker brand+model, a live current price pulled from another website, a link to the official page - for instance adidas.com/sneaker1024, and buttons for voting up/down with numbers of votes besides them. All rows which have votes recorded would be clickable, and once you click them you could read the previously mentioned comments. Names would be sorted through the Vote Up / Vote Down ratio in descending order. Every vote & comment would be deleted after 7 days thus constantly changing the ranking but not resetting it completely.

I am aware that this is a responsive website, and it would take a newbie a lot of work to make it, but I’m determined and it’s simply easier for me to learn via such projects compared to simply studying. I am assuming I need HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript for the described website based on my previous Googling, but I would like to hear from other coders before starting to study and fight my way to a finished product.

English is not my native language - if any part of my post is not understandable, let me know and I’ll rephrase it.

for the front-end yes.

But given the other things you will need to do, your website will need a back-end with a database (to store the votes, products and comments)

For back-end you have a whole range of choices. Python, ruby, golang, Javascript (nodeJS) and more. C++ seems even possible, but this would require very precise memory management and there aren’t many frameworks/libraries for C++ back-end

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Which one do you think is the best choice for back-end?
Heard lots about Python, but should I simply stick with JavaScript which I’m going to use on the front-end aswell?

Ruby and python are both used a lot. NodeJS is gaining popularity.

That is the problem, ask 1000 developer this question, you will get different answers. There is no best.

I personally like python (django, python webframework) a lot. But that is just my personal preference. Doesn’t mean its the best

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Alright, thanks for your help!