Want to learn Java where to start (No programming Background)


Hello .

I have I.T Background but i have no programming experience . Programming was my passion from very long time . But i didn’t got chance

From where or how i should learn java ? There’s a lot of things like java indendifiers variables etc . I’m stuck on basics . I tried many online articles but unable to understand . Any recommendation for me ?

I want to create Android games/apps later on.



Hello, I strongly recommend a program like CS50x as a great place to start with Software engineering/CS. But if you want to go straight into coding, HTML/CSS is a good place to start. HTML/CSS gets you used to simple ideas and patterns that occur in virtually any language. Then after that, you could learn JavaScript to further your understanding of basic programming/web design or go straight into java. Some people also recommend learning languages like C++ or Python instead of learning Java.


FIrst i will learn HTML/CSS . It will be basics of java . Thanks i will give html and css sometime to get familiar some time


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