Want Javascript advice along with wordress

I am working on WordPress from last three years, but I am new to codings like javascript and all. Soon, I am going to create a website, and I wanted to use some codes generator for the user. I couldn’t find any plugin online, I researched a lot and concluded that all the other developers are using Javascript to do it.

I want some advice to get started. Any help would be appreciated.



Hi I didn’t understand what you want to do, so do you want to get the code of the website that you did in wordpress?
Or you want to create like a code generator?
I’m sorry but I don’t use wordpress, in this case do you mean that developers use javascript in wordpress, that there is a type of console where you can write it?
If this is the case what code generator do you want? That uses random numbers big and small letters like: S3sHf45alJd
Actually there was a question about this i think yesterday, wordpress is very populary this week :grinning:
Anyway here’s the link if someone answeres him and i’m not online: Using custom JavaScript into a WordPress based Project


You also should learn HTML and CSS at least if you’re going to make a webpage.


I want to create a code generator like gift card generator etc. for my website, but I don’t know how to get this done.

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I’ve created a code generator: https://code-generator–lolfail.repl.co/
It’s HTML + JS. I don’t know how can you use JS inside wordpress. So i simply created a repl, here’s the code:

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Sorry, sir but I don’t have enough time to learn all the basics. Do you know any simple and fast way to do all this?

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So the codes you generated, are used to give discount for products on your site? If that is the case, the codes shouldn’t be generated client side (aka javascript), then people could just figure out how to generate codes

these codes should be generated and kept track of server side ( i think that is PHP programming language for wordpress?)

so what are the codes for?

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