i’m currently stuck at the task at 13, down below is the task.
My question is, how can i remove or see the console result, because at the moment is the wanderlust page on the console side and i don’t know how to remove it to see what is logged to the console.
Thanks in advance.

Log the response to the console. In the browser window with the Wanderlust page, enter a city in the search field and submit. Make sure that you have your own browser’s JavaScript console open so that you can see the response that is logged to the console.

Press f12 to open the devtools.

Then, navigate to the console section.

Or, do ctrl + shift + j.

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You are awesome, it works :grin: . Thank you!

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Trust me, without devtools I might as well have given up my role as a web developer!

Working on making a wiki in Go(lang) rn, dang it’s hard.

Without devtools, development would be heck.

Since it seems to be the answer, can you mark it as so (it helps for other people looking for the same question).

yes sure, but how do i mark it ?

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There should be a “mark as answer” next to my post (or a little check mark box). Click it.

Note that you might have to click the three vertical dots next to my post and then the “select as answer”/checkbox might appear.

i couldn’t find it, even on the 3 dots

I see that you have marked it as the answer, so it seems like you did find it…

hahaha okay that means marking. Learned something new again, sorry for the trouble and thanks again. Have an awesome day.

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You too!

Keep learning JS (it’s hard, but worthwhile)!

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