Wanderlust URL needed

I’m doing the Codecademy Introduction to JavaScript project called ‘Wanderlust’. It requires setting up an account on Foursquare, which I did, and then acquiring a Client ID and Client Secret. In order to accomplish that, I need to ‘Create a New App’ on Foursquare.com, which requires an ‘app URL’. The lesson instructions have no information on this. So what URL do I use for this? Thanks for your help.


hey man, just wondering if you ever figured out the solution to this!

I was worried about this too and did some searching. I got tired of not finding anything concrete and entered www.codecademy.com and didn’t haven’t had any issues getting venues to render in my code. I think they only require it so they can validate or verify the source of the requests to some extent, however, on a free account I can’t imagine they’re terribly concerned.

For me the same just entering the url of the project itself

i need the answer to this question as well, nothing said here works for me