Wanderlust- URL in a New Tab


Under the task nr 14 I’ve been asked to inspect the console of the search page and then copy the URL to a new tab, which should expose a lot of data (as is presented on youtube video tutorial) . However, when I am opening the URL I cannot access all the information but only this error appears :

{“meta”:{“code”:400,“errorType”:“invalid_auth”,“errorDetail”:“Missing access credentials. See https://developer.foursquare.com/docs/api/configuration/authentication for details.”,“requestId”:“5c37b920351e3d262565e9ef”},“response”:{}}

Further, I cannot simplify the data in JS Beautifier or JSON View cause I simply have no access to it. I also cannot explore the object in the console, what I am getting is this:

What is wrong ?


Anyone can explain this ?


i had also this with mixed Content i just changed in all url to https:// instead of http://


@garsteaandrian230413 is right.

Looks like the image you requested moved on to “https”. You are using “http” in your code. Just change it to “https”