Wanderlust project


Can somebody help me get around the following error displayed in the console? This error appeared on when I entered a city and expected the data to return the value.

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT cdn.segment.com/v1/projects/awTEDiBEJ130cCHG1N74clKHGM3FLNzQ/integrations: 1

Hello Jamal,
did you click the link? Thats what it says:
‘Cannot GET - Invalid path or write key provided.’
That’s already a bit clearer…
How far did you get in the exercide?

Hey Mirja_t,

I found out that it was browser that was blocking the API. I am now on step 38 which is to try out the other challenges. How about you?

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Oh ok, so you could solve it! I went through the exercise without trouble or the extras. Which browser and which setting blocked it?

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