Wanderlust project

Hi guys ! If you have already done the wanderlust project I have a question for you. After copying and paste the url that was in my response in a new tab of my browser (instruction 14 of the project) I have the following result:


So I’m just redirected to Google… I was expecting something else like results about the weather of the city that wrote in the field. In my console I got the following result:


I just copied and pasted the url.

So is that normal ? Thank you !

I don’t think you’ve copied and pasted it, because whilst it’s difficult to make out because of the size of your screen snippet the search term you’ve put into Google looks to start with https; //api.foursquare...

That’s not a valid URI, so your browser (which looks like Chrome) has assumed you were entering a search term and directed you to the Google results for it. :slight_smile:

What you mean by I didn’t copy and paste It ? Because I took the url which is in red in the response returned in my console and just pasted It in my browser. I Don’t get It.

What I mean is that what’s showing in your search box in the screenshot does not appear to match what’s in the snip from the console.

On closer inspection, the URI in the console also appears to have been shortened (the ellipsis ... is likely not part of the URI) which will also be contributing to the problem.

If you click the expand icon to the left of the URI you should get the full URI, which you can then paste into your browser and it will hopefully work.

Yes I found It out thank you ! Now I have this:


Is that correct ?

That looks like the type of JSON response you’d expect to get from the API, so I’d say so. :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping me !

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Hey hope all of you are fine

Just wondering if any of you could complete the challenges of this project, I’d like to complete the one of the photos, has anyone been able to retrieve the photos and render them to the front end properly? I tried but Idk how to send multiple requests at once, using the forEach method on every div.

If you’ve found a way to do it please help me!


$venueDivs.forEach(venue => venue.empty());
  $container.css("visibility", "visible");

what are the “$” used for here?

The boilerplate code provided to you at the beginning of the exercise relies heavily on jQuery.

What you will write, to complete the project, does not require any jQuery at all.

If you want to know more, there is a course on jQuery but for the purposes of the Wanderlust project you won’t need this.