Wanderlust project


Hi, tell me please if it is appropriately to apply the following sample of logic, to solve such an instance, like it is reflecting the answers for the next patern of questions ‘what we have?’ ‘what it does?’ and ‘when it does?’? Thank you.

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Sorry. I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. If you’re asking whether it’s appropriate to ask the questions you listed to determine if our code has met the requirements specified, then I would say, yes. Those are very good questions to ask. Again, my apologies if I am misunderstanding your question.

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Hi, I meant actually what have you understood, nothing more. It was the answer you’ve voiced, that I was expecting to hear. I’m sorry for being speaking probably ambiguously.

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Hi, I’ve come to much more primitive solution abt missing ctiy’s name above the ‘WEATHER’. Originally, I copied your snippet of code assigned to variable generateRenderResults() where the value as a conditional ternary operator is 4 . When I input it, as it is said in Task: 41, Challenges more than 4 venues, value 5, then the name of the city apears again. Frankly to say, I’m still not understending the right order of execution in this instance when we change the place of this line of code to the first place in its block code, as you’ve done it guessing abt async function, even though it is appeared there within a small noticeable delay, so in the last order after rednering of all other elements.