Wanderlust Project Stuck

Hi All,

Is there a video for this project as I’m completely lost from task 13 on and usually there’s video that can help me when I get stuck.

The issue I’m having is, I don’t understand when converting the object to a json object and from there what to expect on the console as I can see the URL with Get and the string after which I get

ReferenceError: “response is not defined”
getVenues https://14964f9bbffc468c807d16e76dc5ae88.cc-propeller.cloud/public/main.js:23
executeSearch https://14964f9bbffc468c807d16e76dc5ae88.cc-propeller.cloud/public/main.js:62

Here’s my code url. https://gist.github.com/a4430b3b9357131903fc742274e01d9b


That’s because you didn’t give the fetch call to the variable response

try { 
    const response = await fetch(urlToFetch);
    const jsonResponse = await response.json();
 } catch (error) {

Thanks so much I’m grateful for your help.