Wanderlust Project Step 13

Project: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/introduction-to-javascript/projects/wanderlust

Ok, I feel dumb but I am stuck on Step 13. I know others have asked about step 13 because they are getting errors, but I can’t see if I have any errors. The project says : “Make sure that you have your own browser’s JavaScript console open so that you can see the response that is logged to the console.”

What does that mean?!? My screen has two halves, one is where I type the code and the other Wanderlust page. I type a city in and nothing happens, so there must be an error somewhere, but I can see anything. Can someone help?

Basically, each browser has an internal console which allows you to see things happening “in the background”.

You can make a quick Google search to figure out how to open your browser’s console (might be different from one browser to the other, and whether you’re using Windows or MacOS).

Thanks! I’m using Chrome, and I literally just had to type CTRL + SHIFT + J. Facepalm.

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