Wanderlust Project: Json requests for venues not full?

So I have completed the extra challenges though I feel like I did more than what was probably needed to in order to get the extra venue data. I did an extra for loop to grab the venue id’s and then do a separate request to pull json data for each venue (as read on the foursquare site). I am curious though, when you use the html that pulls the big json file that has all the venues used originally, you get all of the venues data for each (contact info, photos, etc…) but when we use the .json method on it we only get certain values in the returned object, not to include things like the contact info and such as previously listed in the bigger file.
(Showing the urlToFetch string that shows it includes the ‘contact’ section for each venue)

(Terminal showing the json info once you pull each venue object using the map method shown in the project guide. It does not include the contact section and if you try to pull it using .notation, it will throw an error)

Can anyone shed light on this for me? Why is the contact section in the main json file but when we pull the venue object, it is not included? Also, please let me know what you think of the code I came up with for the extra challenges!


I had this issue too. I think these details require a different request.

I haven’t done it yet so someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Also, be aware you’ve published your API keys for Foursquare and OpenWeather. You want to keep API keys private and omit them when you submit code this way.