Wanderlust Project Help

Hi everyone, I’m having an issue signing up to the Foursquare website to retrieve my API. I have tried making an account multiple times and after entering the emailed code get redirected the the signup page where it says “something went wrong try again.” I have tried this at least 5 times now. Not sure how to proceed with this.

As a reference here is the project

And here is the foursquare signup page for developers: here


Unfortunately that sounds like an issue with Foursquare, which means that there’s probably not a lot we can do about it here, perhaps try signing up on a different device/browser (and if you have access to it a secondary email address), if that doesn’t work you could try seeing if Foursquare themselves have a support/contact us page where they might be able to help :smile:.

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Thanks, I have reached out to them with no solution. I have since used another’s API key from foursquare to move forward. Personally I find it a little silly to have any of the projects or lessons rely on user account creation from a 3rd party. I understand some may be necessary however alternatives should be sought prior.