Wanderlust Project HELP Steps 13-15


Hi everyone,

I am currently working on the Wanderlust project. I’ve been stuck for a while on this, especially near steps 13 & 14. I believe it could be an issue with my API keys. But am unsure. I’ve followed the guides and read through my code a lot and I can’t seem to find the issue.

I’ll upload two images and my code.

When entering the link into my browser, I receive an error that states:

{“meta”:{“code”:400,“errorType”:“failed_geocode”,“errorDetail”:“Couldn’t geocode param near: \u2026EE3QX32ADAMVHHJ4RIBCO3GPLZNSGBYOQWJKFN”,“requestId”:“612d6aac3fd08c5aca6ebdb5”},“notifications”:[{“type”:“notificationTray”,“item”:{“unreadCount”:0}}],“response”:{}}.