Wanderlust project - FYI for Foursquare API

Hi there,

Just for anyone from codecademy or otherwise who catches this post, it seems the Foursquare API was updated on the 18th of Nov to v3 which means that anyone creating an account/project after then is no longer able to use the v2 url.
When i try to reach this endpoint i receive a 410 Gone error message which I reckon will be the case for others as well therefore this part of the course will need updated!


Yes, good point. I am tagging @lilybird on this issue to see if she can bring this to someone’s attention to update the project for the new API as access is not available for the old v2 api anymore (for new accounts).

Thanks for flagging @iainmck29 and @mike7127143742! Will report this now and follow up after someone has addressed it.


Hello, I am having the same issue, Should we continue on with the course or wait until this is resolved?

I’m stuck there, too. Maybe it would be quite helpfull to implement a remark for the users. Thought I messed something up way too long and now I’m unclear how to proceed, too.

Yes im having the same 410 error as well.

Update as of Jan 12, 2022: This has been fixed and the changes are live!

Update on Jan 4, 2022: Just connected with the team on this, and they currently have a working draft of changes to be made. It’s going through several rounds of QA before going live, which should happen late next week, ~January 14th, 2022.

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