Wanderlust project - foursquare "create app" issue

I’m trying to do the wanderlust project on the “learn javascript: requests” section in the full stack development path. Instructions say:

" Before you begin, you’ll need to register for developer accounts for both of the APIs above. They’re both free.

For Foursquare, once you make an account, create a new app and fill out the form (you can put any link in the “App or Company URL” field). The Foursquare API will then give you a client ID and a client secret. You’ll need to save both of those in main.js ."

I’m able to create the account, but when I try to create a new app using the link provided I inevitably get a message that says “Something went wrong!
Please refresh and try again.”

I’ve tried writing different things on it, using the www.codeacademy.com as the url (as recommended by someone else here), but it doesn’t seem to matter. It goes through to the next stage, but once I select a free account, I get the same message. Anyone having the same issue? Any ideas what to do?

i’m having the same issue. don’t know how to proceed.

I’ve been having this problem for a couple days ago now. Even when I am in My Account page and try to select Create a new app I get this message “Hello! Thank you for signing up to use the Foursquare developer tools. We are currently processing your application.” I went to FourSquare Support and sent them a complaint, since I don’t know what to do.

Ok, so good to know I’m not alone. I’ve just left this assignment for now and am going forward through the path, if anyone gets a response or finds a solution, please let me know…

Hey, so I had the exact same issue. Tried a couple of things, nothing worked. I wated a couple of days and now it worked out of a sudden. Not with the link in the beginning of the project introduction, though.
On Foursquare.com/developers click on “My Account” on the top right, then my apps → create app. (but only after like 5 days, didn’t work in the beginning, either)
hope this helps.
maybe they just have some security waiting time for some accounts for some reason…

i had the same issue, but thanks to the advice from 'sneaky.d i was able to create the id and secret. For anyone has some issue with it, should try what ‘sneaky.d’ did, it helped me, thanks sneaky.d !.

Hey @lilybird.
Could you take this up? I had a similar issue as well.

Awesome this worked for me! Thank you!

BTW u must go into my account and then u see query to resend activation emeil, this is main problem with create your api :slight_smile: