Wanderlust Project | Code solution?

Hello everyone!

I’m dealing with Wanderlust project but finding difficult to progress.

I was loking for a code solution, or video but I didn’t find. Do you have anyone? In order to avoid getting stuck.

I am on the task 16th but I don’t know where to put this variable: response.groups[0].items;


Hi there.

I don’t think there’s a solution, but there is a link to a working version of the project which you could review if you’re stuck.

I had a look but is the script available?

Yes, but you’ll have to go digging in the source to find the link to it. Good practice with the Dev Tools, though, eh? :slight_smile:

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Oh I got it. Thats the real exercise haha. Thks dude!

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thank you for this. I haven’t felt comfortable advancing since I can’t get an API key from foursquare. I tried contacting them but haven’t heard back yet.

i don’t know if you are still looking for id and secret code, but if you do, that might code help you. If you ve set up an account and you try to get the id and secret code and it throws and error, because it can’t obtain for now for whatever reason, then you should go on their website and go to the account settings their you can get your id and secret code as well, that helped me. Sorry for the broken english. I hope you could still understand it