Wanderlust project - apixu no longer exists, and its replacement (weatherstack)is $50/mo to access forecasts

I’d like to communicate this to the folks in charge but am not sure how. I am trying to do the wanderlust project with openweathermap.org instead.

@mtf, @stevencopeland?


Thanks, both. (And good to see the other post… it wasn’t up yet when I searched last weekend.)

Any chance this has been fixed yet? or any update. all other forum posts on this topic of wunderlust and APIXU issue have been closed for editing. It’s like codecademy doesn’t want to know that there is a problem…

Codecademy is working on it. This is the current status:

That was last Friday, 9/20/19. I believe ‘Draft Submitted’ means that a solution has been proposed, and is awaiting approval to be implemented.

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@cukierm, @travisbacon260779923 The project has been updated!! :tada:


Happy coding everyone!