Wanderlust: please help me with step 29. I don't understand how to console.log renderVenues();

Hello. Please help me to understand how I could figure out step 29 on my own.
I got into this project by doing the JavaScript introduction and I am a bit lost about what is happening here.


  1. in step 29 of Wanderlust project, it suggests I can console.log venueIcon. I couldn’t figure out how to do so. I did console.log and inspected with F12 before, however, this time it is not showing up in console (as did before while calling get venues and console.log(venues). How exactly can I see the VenueIcon object?

  2. what are all those variables with $ prefix? what is this $submit.click? I don’t understand when or how renderVenues() is been called.

I should jump right into the web dev path after finishing JavaScript intro. However, what should I look for to get used to this environment? Any tip pointing out in the right direction is appreciated.

Many thanks

I have the same questions as you, but I see that for a year and a half nobody has answered you! Is there anyone who has gone to step 29 of the wanderlust project ? If yes, thank you in advance for your answer!

Hey there! Even though i didn’t get any anwser at the time, everything worked out fine. I kept on studying and landed a nice job as web dev about a year ago.

I guess what the instruction means about inspecting it is to learn what exactly the API is returing from printing in the console, reading the docs, or inspecting the network tab

I don’t know why I could not see it in console. It worked now. Make sure that the function is being called somewhere and the code is saved.
the variables with the dolar ("$") prefix are DOM elements assigned to variables. You will learn later about Document-object-model (DOM).

have fun!


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