Wanderlust OpenWeather

I am getting error from fetching OpenWeather. I also checked the pre-created version of the page, it looks like the page has a fetch error as well. Does anyone else experience the same issue?

What error are you seeing and what are you searching for?

The OpenWeather API can be picky with the names.

Here’s an example of a search on the pre-created version of the page for New York, NY

Notice that Foursquare had no problem with it, but OpenWeather did.

and an example of searching for New York, New York

If you’re having a similar experience, then I suggest finding a search that works and keep using it during development for testing. Once everything works, you can reliably experiment with other cities. As a bonus, you could add proper error handling to the project, but it isn’t part of the steps covered and isn’t required. I don’t believe they teach that until later in the path.

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