Wanderlust: Invalid left-hand side assignment

Hey everyone,

For the Wanderlust project on Step 12, the response I’m getting from the console is “Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid left-hand side in assignment” and it refers me to line 23 where we inserted the Authorization key with the API value.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I’d watch the walk-through video but it doesn’t look like there is one…


Hello, welcome to the forums!

We’ll need to see your code before we can help, please share it, formatted according to this guide: How do I format code in my posts? (or go Tools → Create a Gist and share the link to that).


I think the API key should be wrapped in quotes as it should be a string.

Also, sharing API keys is extremely dangerous and they should be treated like passwords and should never be shared, as if someone has your key they can access the API pretending to be you. I strongly suggest you edit the message to remove/redact the key :slight_smile:

Haha thanks, problem fixed! I thought about sharing the key but wasn’t sure how to show the problem while keeping it discreet.

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Great, glad I could help!

Now it’s fixed I’d still suggest editing (and ideally going into the foursquare dashboard and resetting) the API key out of your post, you can do so with the little pencil icon:

Happy coding! :smile: