Wanderlust - Introduction to Javascript Project - can't access Foursquare API information!



I’m having trouble gaining access to my Foursquare client ID and client secret, which I need to start the following project in Introduction to Javascript.

I’ve created a Foursquare developer account, have gone to create an app and entered in the details. On the next step, it won’t let me select the free personal account, saying i’m already on it, so I can’t complete the registration and access the information unless I sign up for the $599 a month start-up account, which i’m clearly not going to do just to complete a tutorial!

Is this a known problem that has occurred as a result of Foursquare changing its terms and conditions since the project was created or have I missed something here? Has anyone else had this problem and found a way around the issue? I’ve include a link the project below for reference


Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!