Wanderlust Foursquare

No Wanderlust for me ay?

Is this a problem with the Foursquare registration process, or am I doing something wrong?

I ticked ‘I’m not sure yet’ because when I tried ticking any of the other options, I got the same error message as above. I tried ticking ‘I’m not sure yet’ to see if it would work

I did not have any issue signing up to get a free api key when I did some weeks ago.
I think filling their questions can be random as it’s probably for marketing purposes other than technicals.

I guess there is nothing I can do then lol

After 15 days are you still having the same issue? May it be something related to browser extensions conflicting with the website? Maybe an adblocker or something else? May also be related to cookies settings, some websites do not work if you don’t accept their third party cookies.