Walk through videos for projects Message Mixer and Workaround Explorer in Modules

Dear Sirs,/ Codecademy,

I do not see any walkthrough videos available for the following projects “Message Mixer” and “Workaround Explorer”.
Are these gonna be posted, updated in the near future.

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Personally, I think the two new projects were quite easy if you understood what they have taught you in the previous topic like (modules). So if you think you’re stuck you can refer to what you have learned.

Thank you for your response !!!

I’m actually doing WorkAround Explorer currently, and I’m having issues with it. I’m doing everything like they say, but It’s going wrong. I’m at step 9. I’m pretty sure the problem in the code has to do with this.
import {getAverageSalaryByRole, getAverageSalaryByCompany, getSalaryAtCompany, getIndustryAverageSalary} from “./modules/workAroundModule.js”;
I’ve tested it, and that line of code breaks it, and I have no clue why. I’ve tested it in quite a few ways and I can’t fix it in a way to finish the code. It’s probably an easy fix, but I don’t see it.

Did you export it correctly?

For example in workAroundModule.js file →

export {

Yes, I tried both ways of exporting.