Walk Through video of the fotomatic pro project?


Is it possible that someone does a walk through video of the fotomatic debug project ?

here a link of the exercise. You must have a pro account : https://www.codecademy.com/paths/learn-how-to-build-websites/tracks/responsive-design-and-accessibility/modules/css-documentation-and-debugging/informationals/f1-2-c1p1-fotomatic

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yeah this one is so hard i have no idea where to start


@giga5774515817 after staring at my screen for 1.5 hrs, i figured out that one of the style sheets (style.css) isn’t linked in the html head, which is why none of my changes were showing. I hope this helps you get started!

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Thanks mate yeah I got there eventually too. All the code is there you just have to fix up errors to make it work. Very unclear instructions

Is there a walkthrough video now? I am stuck

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I’m also sitting here banging my head… This was a total demotivator after so much progress…