Walk Through video of the fotomatic pro project?


Is it possible that someone does a walk through video of the fotomatic debug project ?

here a link of the exercise. You must have a pro account : https://www.codecademy.com/paths/learn-how-to-build-websites/tracks/responsive-design-and-accessibility/modules/css-documentation-and-debugging/informationals/f1-2-c1p1-fotomatic

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yeah this one is so hard i have no idea where to start


@giga5774515817 after staring at my screen for 1.5 hrs, i figured out that one of the style sheets (style.css) isn’t linked in the html head, which is why none of my changes were showing. I hope this helps you get started!


Thanks mate yeah I got there eventually too. All the code is there you just have to fix up errors to make it work. Very unclear instructions

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Is there a walkthrough video now? I am stuck


I’m also sitting here banging my head… This was a total demotivator after so much progress…


I feel a little better coming here and seeing others having the same struggle I am having. This project really jumps to advanced far too quickly–it would be nice if there was even a hint of extra guidance :frowning:


Thank you, mate! Golly!

The bigger point they are trying to get at with this project is to get you to practice resourcefulness. There’s big emphasis that developers often do not know the answer to many problems they face, and so must search for the answers on the web i.e. MDN Web Docs, Stackoverflow, etc. In a way, you are supposed to not know how to do it.

I am also glad I am not the only one having a hard time with this. Looking in the forums I found this: Fotomatic CSS Debugging project - my solution (Front End)

After checking that out, I managed to finish everything else more calmly since it is stuff that I thought it was so basic that I forgot about the importance it has.

There are a few more steps after this solution but it helps a lot by the fact that it’s not as confusing as it seems (once you find help like this.)


This project is way more than frustrating from someone who is still learning. I completed the web developer course but was just looking for more projects to work on and increase my skill. I’m basically jumping ahead of this project because I think the skills that you need are in section 12 of this course. CodeCademy should know better than to try to make people sort through stuff online to find answer for stuff they haven’t taught. The web developer course was done much better in my opinion. When you’re still learning you need more guidance or walk throughs. Glad I looked at the forum after I made the desktop page. Its obvious I’m not the only one struggling on this.


Hi Guys,

I just completed the fotomatic project.

I found that the easiest way to complete this project is by opening up the final product webpage and then press F12!

Use the dev op tools to go over the webpage and identify what changes are needed.
I found that dev op tools is your best friend in this project in order for you to complete it.

As shown in previous lessons if you click on the “select an element in the page to inspect” Icon (top left hand corner). Then select an element on the page and then click on styles icon in the dev ops section it will tell you what styles are meant to be in that element.

Hopefully this helps you guys out!



have you resolved it?

can i get to reach or contact you please so you can walk me through this.


If you click on this link it will show you exactly how to do this. Dev op help.

Also, there are a few rulesets that we did not learn up to this point (like flexbox layouts).

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If you are doing the full stack course, then i think this project is in the wronf place, which is why a lot of people are cofused. You need to cover the flex box and media (mobile sizing) lesson firstly, which comes 2 modules after this project, which dosnt really make sense to me. I only know this because i did the web dev coures previously, so when doing the full stack course i noticed that some lessons are in the wrong order.


Why haven’t the Codecademy devs resolved this issue? If the lessons are out of order they should fix this immediately.


I absolutely agree. I was enjoying the lessons up until this point where I felt like I was thrown into the weeds to fend for myself. Not a big fan of this front end path at the moment.


Agreed. So far, there have been two projects I had to skip over, learn what was required, and the come back to. Is there a way to tag Codecademy here. Not sure if they’re even aware of this being an issue, because it certainly is.

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